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 Our Products & Brands - A wide selection for every child.

Store Layout and Items
Please note, Learn All About It does not sell over the Internet. We offer telephone sales, "Wrapped and Ready" pickup and can ship gifts throught the USA. Please call us at 401-921-5951 for assistance.

Instead of the long, cluttered aisles you'll find at the big box retailers, our store is organized into the following sections and still providing an open and inviting space for children to explore:

  • Creative Play. Let you imagination free with musical instruments, dress-up costumes, felt and magnetic imaginative playsets, indoor personal sandboxes and more.
  • Great Beginnings. Age-appropriate developmental games, mats and toys for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Education. Great items to quench thirsty mind like flash cards, books, audio workbooks, electronic globes, and learning games.
  • Dolls and Friends. Your child will never be alone when snuggling with a Corolle doll or one of many great, plush friends.
  • Arts & Crafts. Foster the next great artist with paints, crayons, drawing pads, kits to design nightlights, scrapbooks, race cars, soccer and basketballs. Kits for making your own lip balm, fashion design, or pedicure salons too.
  • Science. Explore the amazing world of science while having fun with telescopes and stargazing items, microscopes, bug keepers, and experiment kits.  Learn the science behind detective studies, wizardry, spa, and kid's favorites like gross items!
  • Games. Games for all ages including classics like checkers, chess, backgammon, Apples to Apples, Goodnight Moon, and I Spy to new games like Jot, Bananagrams, Beat the Parents, Great States Jr. and more.
  • Puzzles. Develop a child's spatial, logic and thinking skills with our toddler Peg, Sounds, Crepe Lauri, and Floor puzzles all the way up to 1000 piece puzzles for the entire family.
  • Build & Construct. Stack blocks made of wood, rubber or cardboard or make log houses, Zoob cars, and K'Nex structures. We also feature classic Krinkles plus great toy trucks and cars.
  • Outdoor Fun. Sports and fun from classic Yo-Yo's, Frisbees, Footballs, and Bubbles to toddler gloves/balls, and bats, Sand and Water Tables, indoor Forts, and Mini Golf.
  • Books. We carry over 200 books including tough-to-find favorites like the Llama series, Usborne, and Parenting and Education books (like "Hands are not for Hitting").
  • Audio, DVD and Software. Ignite the mind through multimedia. We offer a great selection of music from Raffi, Hap Palmer, Justin Roberts Sugarbeats, Disney, and Putumayo; DVD's from Sesame Street, Barney, Brainy Baby, Baby Eistein, and Word World plus interactive CD-ROM software for multiple ages to teach reading, math, spelling and more.

 Brands We Carry
Learn All About it has personal relationships with each of the brands we carry. If they make it, we probably carry it or can get it.